Our Locations

Administration/Care Management/Protective Services

133 North Pitt Street, Mercer, PA   16137

Phone724-662-6222 or 1-800-570-6222
Fax: 724-662-0611
Email: admin@mercercountyaging.org

To report abuse during business hours, call 724-662-6222.

To report abuse after business hours, holidays and weekends call 724-854-6222.

Senior Centers

Greenville Senior Community Center

45 Alan Avenue, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: 724-588-3155
Fax: 724-588-3156
Email: greenvillectr@mercercountyaging.org

Grove City Senior Community Center

301 South Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16137

Phone: 724-458-6844
Fax: 724-458-6849
Email: grovecityctr@mercercountyaging.org

McQuiston Center by the Park

29 Railroad Street, Sandy Lake, PA 16145

Phone: 724-376-3608
Fax: 724-376-3608
Email: mcquistonctr@mercercountyaging.org

Shenango Valley Senior Center and Adult Day Care Program

220 North Buhl Farm, Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: 724-981-7950
Fax: 724-981-7872
Email: svctr@mercercountyaging.org
Email: adc@mercercountyaging.org

About Seniors Centers


About Senior Centers

Senior centers are for everyone (yes, EVERYONE) 60 years and older.  Seniors in Mercer County, PA, are actively involved in the community, participate in dances, games, social activities, health education, exercise classes, speakers, parties, wellness programs, social events, art classes, enjoy hot lunches with friends and so much more.
Senior Centers are strategically located throughout all of Mercer County, PA-Greenville, Grove City, Sandy Lake, and Hermitage. These centers are open during the week and welcome all adults age 60 and older.  

The Centers offer a variety of exercise classes, including Yoga, Body Sculpting, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, Walk with Ease, taught by certified instructors. 

Greenville Senior Community Center
Grove City Senior Community Center
McQuiston Center by the Park
Shenango Valley Senior Center

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