Our Locations

Administration/Care Management/Protective Services

133 North Pitt Street, Mercer, PA   16137

Phone724-662-6222 or 1-800-570-6222
Fax: 724-662-0611
Email: admin@mercercountyaging.org

To report abuse during business hours, call 724-662-6222.

To report abuse after business hours, holidays and weekends call 724-854-6222.

Senior Centers

Greenville Senior Community Center

45 Alan Avenue, Greenville, PA 16125

Phone: 724-588-3155
Fax: 724-588-3156
Email: greenvillectr@mercercountyaging.org

Grove City Senior Community Center

301 South Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16137

Phone: 724-458-6844
Fax: 724-458-6849
Email: grovecityctr@mercercountyaging.org

McQuiston Center by the Park

29 Railroad Street, Sandy Lake, PA 16145

Phone: 724-376-3608
Fax: 724-376-3608
Email: mcquistonctr@mercercountyaging.org

Shenango Valley Senior Center and Adult Day Care Program

220 North Buhl Farm, Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: 724-981-7950
Fax: 724-981-7872
Email: svctr@mercercountyaging.org
Email: adc@mercercountyaging.org

About Us

Who are we?

Mercer County Area Agency on Aging, Inc., is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit corporation.  Through an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the Agency provides a wide range of services to support Mercer County’s older adults and their families.

The Agency has a very dedicated, experienced and compassionate staff who are invested in providing these supportive services through its Senior Centers, Care Management Unit, Adult Day Care Program and Administrative Office.

133 N. Pitt Street Mercer, PA 16137

Our Story

Mercer County Area Agency on Aging, Inc., has been serving Mercer County’s older adults and their families for more than 40 years. With the passage of the Older Americans Act and Amendments, each County in Pennsylvania was tasked with establishing an Area Agency on Aging, so in 1976, the Mercer County Commissioners transformed the Senior Citizens Department from a County Office into a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation to provide services to the 60+ population. As a non-profit corporation, the Agency is able to receive funding and donations that are tax-deductible.

The Commissioners later engaged the Agency to manage the Medical Assistance Transportation Program to assure that Mercer County’s low-income population of any age, have access to medical services. Through this program, the Agency arranges transportation to residents who are enrolled in Medicaid and meet certain eligibility requirements.

Mercer County has a 60+ population of 27,167, 40% of whom are 75+ years of age. The Agency programs and services enable many of these people to stay in their own homes longer than would otherwise be possible, using the least restrictive means available.

To meet the needs of seniors, the Agency’s Administrative office, located in Mercer, owns and operates four
Senior Centers strategically located around the County: Greenville, Grove City, Sandy Lake and the Shenango Valley. 

Greenville Senior Community Center
Grove City Senior Community Center
McQuiston Center by the Park
Shenango Valley Senior Center

For those who may be less independent, the Agency offers an Adult Day Care Program and provides
Care Management and services to seniors in their homes.

The Agency’s Protective Service Unit works to eliminate or reduce abuse, neglect, exploitation and/or abandonment of an older adult. Our Assessment staff helps those who are in need of Long Term Care in a nursing facility or in the community. For those residing in long term care facilities, the Ombudsman is at the ready to advocate and empower the residents.
Our PA-Medi Counselor is available to assist with wading through health insurance options and answer questions.

Check out the Programs and Services section of this site to learn more about the services we offer.

How do we do this? 

The Agency is committed to assisting the rapidly growing older adult population with a focus on the most frail, 75+, low-income population. The bulk of the Agency’s funding for this mission is provided through a block grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Aging from revenue generated by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Because this funding has not kept pace with the increase in the 60+ population and their needs, the Agency also relies on donations, fundraising and minor funding from the County. Some services are offered on a cost-sharing basis. The funds received through cost-sharing go back into that service to allow more services to be provided.

Staff works diligently to stretch the funding while maintaining or increasing services, but waiting lists are sometimes necessary when the demand exceeds our funding.

Look through our website to see what might be of interest to you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Interested in learning about our Adult Day Care program?

Mercer County Area Agency on Aging, Inc.’s Adult Day Care Program is a State-licensed program and operates in conjunction with the Shenango Valley Senior Community Center, under the supervision of Agency nursing staff and activity aides.

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